Plan Designs


It's no secret that complete plans are essential to a successful project.  Wow your clients by telling them that Trinity will take care of all their plan needs.  We can involve you in the design process or just drop off the finished product.  No need to worry... we've got the designs covered so you can take care of the building.

Plan Submittals


We get it... waiting at the city for a couple of hours is not on the top of your list of things to do today.  Just give your plans to us. We actually enjoy this part of the process and do it with ease!  We can quickly assemble the submittal package and push to get permits. Sometimes the very same day!   

Code Questions?


As a contractor, it is inevitable that at some point a city reviewer or inspector will have questions about your build.  No matter the scenario, we are happy to sort it out for you.  Our staff is Certified by the International Code Council and will work on your behalf for a favorable outcome.