Gardenia Ave.

Floor Plan


This project is so awesome!  Custom home in the heart of the North Central Corridor, does it get any better?  This 4,300 sq ft livable ranch with 3 car garage  is going to make heads turn!

3D Elevation


Once the floor plan was getting finalized we were able to start providing front elevation renderings in 3D.  This enabled the home owners to really start to picture how their dream home was shaping up.  

Plans coming together


Its onto the Construction Documents now... we start with foundation and roof framing plans while also finishing up the floor plans and elevations.

Welcome Home


After 6 months of design work, 3 months into the city for permitting, and a 10 month build this Gardenia came to completion.  Big shout out to Malapai Builders for building this beauty!

12th Avenue Addition

Initial concepts already done


This home owner already had the conceptual designs well underway.  They just wanted help turning them into actual construction documents.  This is something we were happy to do.

Good ideas put into action


Once we got to the floor plan we worked with the home owners to include everything they wanted and made suggestions along the way to save money and overall a better build.  We even looked over the preliminary plans with the contractor to get his input on the build.  This way we make sure everyone has a chance to add value.

Hard work paying off


This front elevation may not look much different than the original but a lot of time was taken to iron out the details.  The end result is something that the owners really like, is buildable, and has stayed within budget.  

Detached Casita on Lynwood

Historic project


This project is one that did not follow the normal path.  Sitting down with the city Historic Preservation team to understand requirements at the beginning was crucial to this projects success.  We met with the city prior to starting the design so that we didnt spend time and money going in the wrong direction.  

Ahead of schedule


Now that the project is fully designed the home owners are preparing to start construction!  Becuase of our initial meetings with the city and our knowledge of the permitting process we ended up getting permits quicker that anyone thought!

Rare Zoning


This project was very unique because the zoning actually allowed for a guest house.  This is not normally allowed in neighborhoods that have a single family zoning but this project was located in an historic district that allowed it.  Even though it took a lot of meetings with the city, we got it approved!  After the Casita is completed the owners will be living in it while they renovate their main home.  Once both projects are done this Casita willmost likely produce income for the owners,  Does it get any better?

Vista Ave

Floor Plan


This project was a perfect example of how Trinity can improve an existing design.  We shrunk the garage to avoid costly fire ratings, rearranged the laundry room, added a closet in the playroom so the space could be considered a bedroom (for resale), added a shower in the powder room, overhauled the master bathroom and expanded the master bedroom.  Everything done was to add value and reduce costs.

Front Elevation


Trinity worked with the homeowners to come up with an elevation that they liked.    The use of siding and stone was used to not only tie the existing structure to the new but to compliment the neighborhood and reduce cost.

Future Ramada


We are currently working on designing a detached ramada to add patio space that is highly functional.  This is a preliminary design that allows the client to see what the structure looks like in 3D as we work on the designs.  In our mind the only way to ensure you will be completely happy with your design is to involve you every step of the way.

Details Matter


Little details make a big difference.  We added receptacles under the exterior eaves for Christmas lighting, we doubled the wall between the laundry and master bedroom (for acoustical purposes), and moved the shower head and door to locations that prevent having future headaches with water.

Coming Together!


Things have really taken shape on this project!  Photo as of 3/10/18.

All Finished!!


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Verde Ln.

Historic Home Kitchen Rennovation


This was a very cool project to design!  The home was built out of adobe blocks (basically dirt and straw) about 100 years ago.  Further, the previous owners had modified the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems so much over the years that we had to redesign almost all of the systems to get them up to code.

Inside an Adobe Block Wall


This is what the block looks like when installed.  Opening up walls can sometimes be like finding a time capsule.  So cool!

Original Blue Prints


One thing we don't see very often is original blue prints, especially ones that have made it through a century!  The previous homeowners had the plans laminated and included them with the sale of the house.  These were crucial in figuring out a lot of the structural components without having to remove the plaster early in the design process.  

Existing Floor Plan


Even though we had the original plans we had to redraw the existing floor plans.  This is because we have to provide a lot more details these days to the city and the contractor.  This can typically be done wth one or two site visits and a few hours behind a computer.

New Kitchen


Hi end appliances, a large island, spacious pantry, and lots of cool finishes.  This one will be worth snapping a couple pictures of once completed.

Before and After


Come take a look at this 100 year old kitchen, laundry and powder bath completely transformed!! Click on pic above.