Design Professionals


You take care of your design, we'll provide the rest

As a Design Professional you know there are many details that go into a set of plans.  If you want to focus on the architecture, we can put a team together that will take care of the rest. With your needs in mind, we can provide you with one specific design or an entire design team. We have access to experienced structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, and energy efficiency designers who are easy to work with and ready to help. We are here to help manage these professionals so that you don't have to.

A second pair of eyes

Do you have a completed plan-set but want someone to double-check them? We can quickly review the plans to make sure they have been correctly assembled.  It's our experience that the most common city redlines are for simple items that just weren't noticed.  Things like mislabeled sheets, printing errors, or wrong information on your plan-sets can be embarrassing and cause delays in your schedule. We can provide a general or much more thorough review. Just tell us what you need!

Submittal packages

Now that the designs are done you are almost there!  As you know, one of the final steps is to assemble the submittal package.  Filling out applications, truss waivers, collecting and printing soils reports, structural calculations and getting special inspection certifications sealed, can be time consuming. Let us gather these documents for you. We know who to contact and what needs to be provided.

Plan submittals

After all the design dust has settled, someone still needs to drive down to the city, wait in line and make that submittal.  We are happy to do this for you so you can work on upcoming projects.