About us


My Start

Hi!  My name is Adam Venetis and ever since I was young I had a passion for building homes. This excitement only intensified as I got older.  As I was about to graduate high school, a relative told me about the Construction Management program at Arizona State University. Four years later I received my degree in Construction Management and went to work for a custom home builder in North Scottsdale.  From the moment I stepped foot on my first job site, I knew I had picked the right career!  As a Construction Superintendent of multi-million dollar homes, I learned how to build homes the right way.  Learning how to deal with tradespeople and how to schedule them to keep the job going smoothly, was a challenge on these enormous homes.  However, with the help of some very experienced superintendents taking me under their wings, within one year I was able to successfully manage a job site on my own. 

A change of pace

My next employment opportunity was with a large production builder where I was a Land Estimator.  Preparing bid packages, spreading the bids and finally awarding the work, were my main job functions.  Here I learned the fast paced and process-oriented style that all production builders face.  

The recession

As the construction industry bubble was just starting to deflate, I was fortunate enough to find a job with a local municipality as a Residential Plan Reviewer.  Over the next five years I was a sponge, soaking up a tremendous amount of knowledge.  Not only did I learn about building codes, typical submittal requirements, plan review techniques, permits and inspections, but I was able to build the structure in my head as I reviewed plans.  In other words, the plans were starting to come to life for me and that is when everything changed!  Even though we were in the middle of a recession, my wife and I purchased a home that needed a great deal of work.  I spent the next year drawing my own plans, demolishing most of the home, and then rebuilding it with a few friends.  I am sure my family thought I was nuts for taking on such a large project during this time, but I was focused, confident and determined.  The joy and satisfaction I get in raising our family in the home I built is indescribable.

Finishing touches

Once the recession ended, I quickly found a position with another large production builder; but this time I was managing all of their architecture, engineering and plan submittals. Because large builders build homes all across the valley, I was able to work and develop relationships with city staff members in almost every municipality in the Greater Phoenix Area. Additionally, I was able to work closely with some of the best residential design professionals in town.


All my experience has lead me here... starting Trinity Residential Consulting, LLC.  I am passionate about home building and focused on my clients' needs.  I truly believe that if you are honest, hardworking and surround yourself with great people, you will be successful.  I am thankful for each and every step along the way and am most excited to use my skills to help others make their home dreams become a reality!